eating at the tap

We love our food here at The Tap and take great pride in making ours from scratcch, in-house wherever we possibly can. While our menu features a range of great British pub classics, we also look to our friends across the pond, inspired by the old recipe books of our American landlady JD's grandma. 



We source our meat from our local butcher (Hedge's) and smoke pork shoulder, ribs, brisket, sausage, salmon and gammon on a daily basis from our garden smokehouse. 

You'll find our smoked meat across both our main and bar snack menus. 


For us, the key to a good pie lies in the pastry, which is why we make ours from proper butchers' suet (aside from our Vegetable Pitivier and fish pies - for these we use puff!) With lamb and mint, steak and Stilton, and chicken and mushroom featuring on our main menu, keep your eyes on our specials board for the pie of the week.


Sunday Lunch

Locally regarded as the best in town (and beyond!), our legendary Sunday lunches reflect our passion for food. Huge blooming Yorkshire puds, beef dripping roast potatoes, slow-roasted, locally sourced meats and granny-grade gravies. 

We sell out every week, so booking is essential - we promise it's worth the effort!

Drop us a line on 01235 521655 to make an enquiry.